Topics of Interest

    Authors are invited to submit unpublished papers with novel research contributions, addressing smart living and communication applications for next generation networks.

    Topics include and are not limited to:
  • Smart Living Systems and Applications
  • Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Everything (IoE) in Smart Spaces
  • Enabling technologies for Edge Intelligence (SDN, NFV, MEC, AI/ML)
  • Network management and orchestration of smart spaces in future networks (5G and beyond)
  • Data processing in smart spaces trough AI/ML techniques
  • Energy efficiency in smart spaces
  • AI/ML for trust management at the Edge of smart living networks
  • Federated Learning for dependable, secure and trusted networking for smart living in the next generations networks
  • Decision making mechanisms at the Edge of smart living networks
  • Security mechanisms for Edge and cloud continuum (Intrusion detection and prevention, privacy management) in smart environments
  • Reliability, trust in software networking and services for smart living networks
  • Resilience, QoS/QoE management of network functions at Edge and core of smart living networks
  • Resource management of SDN- or NFV-based systems at Edge and core of smart living networks
  • Blockchain technologies in softwarized networks and services in smart spaces
  • Trust modeling for service functions at the Edge and core in smart living networks
  • Secure architectures, protocols for Service Function Chaining in smart living networks
  • Dependable, secure and trusted ubiquitous computing for of smart living networks
  • Heterogeneous platforms (terrestrial and non-terrestrial) and networks for smart living applications
  • Simulation model or Test-bed of smart living networks
  • Open Platforms for smart living networks